Thunderbird email configuration

Many people use the email client Thunderbird as their common cross-platform choice for daily messaging.

Here we show how to set up a new mailbox in Thunderbird.

Email users which also host their domain in ecobytes benefit from autoconfiguration of the technical details.

Read below how to manually configure an email account.

At the bottom you will also find references to learn more about the subject.

Three steps

1. Provide credentials

In the first step of the New account… wizard, you are being asked for the credentials of the email account.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password

The image below shows an exemplary input:

2. Review found settings

The next screen presents you the email server configuration that Thunderbird was able to determine. If clicking Finish does not give you a working email mailbox here, please read on.

One can click the Edit manually button in the bottom left, to adjust the details (step 3).

In case something goes wrong with automatic detection, users are presented with the next screen directly (step 3).


3. Configure servers manually

The ecobytes email server is configured according to Internet standards. It provides a current level of security on top of reliable message protocols for submission (to the server) and delivery (to the user).

In technical terms, we use:

Incoming Outgoing
Protocol IMAP SMTP
Port 143 587
Authentication Password, normal Password, normal
User name Email address Email address

With these details provided, one can Test again or Finish the operation of adding an account to Thunderbird.

If, against all odds, this did not help you to solve your problem, make sure to get in touch with us through our support.